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We Are A Service Company

Accent Plumbing has been providing quality service since 1963. In that time, we have resolved thousands of different plumbing issues. With our history and knowledge in service plumbing, there is a good chance we have come across something similar to the issue you are experiencing. 

There are many common issues that arise in plumbing. Click on any of these subjects to learn more: 

Residential Repairs

Minor issues can go undetected and/or ignored until a major crisis occurs. It is good practice to periodically check under your sinks to look for signs of water. It is also a good idea to regularly cycle all of the shut off valves in your house to help reduce the risk of calcium build up and know that you are prepared in case an emergency occurs.  

Whenever you call one of our plumbers to fix an issue, be sure to ask him to give an assessment of anything else that might become an issue in the near term. We do not pay our plumbers commission and there is no financial incentive on their recommendations. They will alert you to any existing or potential upcoming problems at your house.   

If you see water where it does not belong, there are several steps you can perform to diagnose a little further, which can help reduce the cost of a repair.

Can you see where it is leaking from?

  • If it is a pressurized pipe and leaking all of the time, you need to shut off the water and call us immediately
  • If it is a drain line, do not use that fixture and call us to repair the drain line

If you cannot see the leak, is the water coming out all of the time or only when you use a specific fixture?

  • If it is all of the time, it is a pressure leak and you need to shut off the water and call us immediately
  • If it is only when water is turned on at a faucet, hold off on using that specific fixture and call us to repair the drain line

Is the city meter in front of your house spinning when no water is being used?

  • If yes but you do not see water, then you might have a slab leak, leaking toilet, pool filler leak, or sprinkler leak. Call us and we can help you fully diagnose and repair the issue

Commercial Repairs

If you have a commercial property with an issue, it needs to be resolved quickly. As a service company, we are here to assist and can react to any issues your property might have. We support many local businesses in the Valley of the Sun. 

As a place of business, it is very important to continually perform preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of a major event from occurring. Talk with us about running the jetter through the sewer lines on a routine, scheduled basis.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are no fun! They can cause all kinds of problems and they always seem to occur at the most inopportune moments. There are many different types of clogs and there are just as many ways to clear a drain. Here are a few insider tips.

  • All drain lines eventually connect to one another to go out to the sewer/septic tank. You can determine which drain line is clogged based on which fixtures are backed up.
  • A clog can be cleared from a vent on the roof, but it is ideally cleared through a cleanout next to the specific fixture.
  • A main line clog (all fixtures are backed up) cannot be cleared from the roof with a snake. It is best cleared utilizing a jetter or outside cleanouts.
  • Kitchen and laundry lines typically have “soft clogs” that involve grease, soap, and lint. Those lines are usually best cleared with a jetter compared to using a snake.

Home Maintenance
You can help reduce the likelihood of clogs occurring at your house by following these tips.

  • Do not dump grease, fruit or vegetable peels, or starchy foods down the kitchen drain. Place those in the trash can.
  • Do not use the toilet as a trash can.
  • Only grind soft, small food particles in the disposal
  • Install hair guards in shower/tub drains and clean them regularly

Snake vs. Jetter
As we mentioned before, there are many ways to clear a line. The most popular options include utilizing either a snake or jetter machine. The best option depends on the type and location of the clog. A snake machine has a long cable with different attachments at the end. The machine rotates and turns the entire cable inside of the sewer. A jetter uses high pressure water

Pro’s of Snake

  • Able to retrieve items from the sewer line
  • Better for older pipes that are more fragile
  • Able to chop up roots efficiently
  • Lower machine use charge

Pro’s of Snake

  • More thorough cleaning of sewer lines
  • Cleans scale build up
  • Able to clear “soft clogs” very effectively
  • Main line may be able to be cleared from the roof vent

Sewer Camera

Sewer Camera

As we stated in the Drain Cleaning {hyper link to drain cleaning} section, sewers can have all kinds of issues associated with them that can cause many different catastrophes.  Cleaning the drain with a snake or jetter will solve the immediate problem, but to truly understand why the issue occurred, it is best to use a camera.  If you have more than one sewer back up in a single year, it is a good idea to get the line scoped with a camera once the line has been cleared with a snake machine or jetter.  The camera is able to find the root cause of the problem you are experiencing.  Our team can send a signal through the camera to get an accurate location and depth of where the problem or problems might be.  We can then work with you to find the best possible solution to your issues.  

Buying/Selling a House
The camera is also a fantastic tool that can be used when you are buying or selling a house. We can run the camera through all of your sewer pipes to inspect the pipe material and condition. We would then e-mail you a copy of the recording that you could use to better negotiate your purchase or sale of the home. 

Review the Drain Pipes with You
Unfortunately, there are some plumbing companies that use scare tactics with the camera to convince people to proceed with unnecessary work. Our company does not work on any type of commission system. We will show you the video of your system and discuss if there are any true problems in the line. 

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water heaters are a fantastic invention, especially in the winter! In our more than 50 years, we have installed thousands of water heaters throughout the Valley of the Sun and we are happy to help you with your water heater problem. There are a few things to know about your water heater when you call in for service. 

  • Is it gas or electric?
  • What brand is it?
  • What is the model number?
  • What is the serial number?
  • How old is the unit?

Knowing this information will help ensure we install a similar style water heater at your house. You can typically find a sticker on the water heater that lists the model and serial number right next to one another. Regarding brands, we prefer utilizing Bradford White tanks and Navien and Rinnai tankless water heaters. 

What can I do to prolong the life of my water heater?
There are several things a homeowner can do to help their water heater last longer

  • Flush the water heater yearly, this is especially important for tankless
  • Turn the temperature down when going on vacation
  • Keep the area around your water heater clean and free from debris

Traditional Tank vs. Tankless
The standard tank water heater has been around for more than 100 years and the technology is very stable. Tankless water heaters are very popular in Europe and are growing in the United States. The technology has changed several times for these devices.

Pro’s of Traditional Tank

  •  Cheaper install cost
  • No flow restrictions for hot water

Pro’s of Tankless

  • Long term energy saving
  • Endless hot water
  • Small space required
  • Longer life span

Water Filtration

Arizona has very hard water, which is both good and bad. The “hard” label means that our water has a high mineral content in it. There are many different types if filtration options to get the water you would like. 
Here are some of the most popular filters installed in the valley

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the ultimate filtering method. RO uses a partially permeable membrane along with several different filters to remove everything aside from the straight H2O. Most applications are under a kitchen sink to come out a separate faucet for drinking water. The downside to RO is that the filtering process is slow. RO units are measured in gallons per day compared to faucets that are measured by gallons per minute. There is also quite a bit of wastewater to produce the “clean water”. This is why it is best only used under a sink for drinking water and not supplying the whole house with water. It is very important to change your filters for you RO at least yearly and your RO membrane every two years minimum. If the filters or membrane are not changed, the system could contaminate your drinking water, not purify it. 

Sediment and Carbon Filter
These filters typically are part of a RO system, but they can be used by themselves as well. Sediment filters are screens that do not allow any particles above xx microns to pass through. A carbon filter uses carbon blocks that absorb chlorine and other chemicals in the water. We have installed many of these filters inside the garage to filter water entering the entire house. We recommend the filters are changed at least yearly, but the frequency can increase depending on use.

Water Softener
A water softener can convert the water coming into your home from “hard” to “soft”. This is done by the softening system displacing the calcium and magnesium inside the water with either sodium or potassium. Softening the water helps prevent calcium buildup on faucets, dishwashers, shower heads, and toilets. You will use less soap. The downside is it can cause a water heater to fail quite a bit faster than normal. In order to install a new softener, we need to ensure there is a soft water loop that allows hard water to still go to the outside hose bibs and the kitchen cold water line. It is not advised to run soft water to those locations.

Faucet Repair & Installation

We have replaced thousands of faucets in the more than 50 years we have been in business. There are many brands and models out there and they all do things a little differently. But don’t worry, we can identify, diagnose, and repair or replace the faucet all within one trip. 

Which Brand is Best?
There are many great brands out there. We carry Delta faucets on our vehicles. We are happy to install one of these faucets in your home or any faucet you pick up from the store. If you do purchase your own faucet, we would recommend you purchase from a plumbing supply store and not from a big box store, which have been known to carry different models that are made inferior at a lower price. Central Arizona Supply and Ferguson are two great companies that have showrooms and options for you to choose from.

Toilet Repair & Installation

We have serviced and replaced thousands of toilets throughout the Valley of the Sun. We carry repair parts for most toilets on every company vehicle, which means we will most likely be able to repair your existing toilet all in one visit. If you would like to purchase a new toilet, we carry Toto and Gerber brands here at the shop and are happy to install one of these amazing toilets for you. We can also install any toilet you pick up yourself.   

Low Flow Toilets
In the early 90’s, the Energy Policy Act was signed into law requiring all toilets to flush 1.6 gallons or less per flush as opposed to the previous 3 gallons per flush. Initially these low flow toilets did not function very well, but manufacturers have been able to find designs that flush very effectively. We recommend the Toto brand toilet, as they have a superior flush compared to other brands.

Remodeling & Re-piping

We have been involved with many remodels and entire custom homes for our customers over the years. If you are looking to add another bathroom or even build that dream house you have been looking for, talk with us and we will help answer questions you might have about the process. We can even point you to some other trades that do fantastic work. 

At some point in time, the piping in your house will reach the end of its lifespan. In most cases, we can re-pipe your entire house with copper and Pex piping within two days or less. We remove as much of the old piping as possible and run new pipe all of the way down to each fixture. Repiping a house can also include the drain lines. This is a much larger scope of work, but we are up for the job to help you replace the worn out and cracked drain lines. 

Slab Leaks

For a period of time in new home building, copper lines were run under the concrete slab to provide fresh water supply to all of the fixtures. It was the most economical option at the time. In fact, supply pipes are still run under the slab for any sinks on an island. These copper lines eventually develop pin hole leaks and spray the water into the ground underneath the slab. These leaks mostly do not surface above ground. Most customers do not even realize they have a problem until after paying higher and higher water bills many months in a row. Most often, the hot line begins to leak first. 

When you call Accent Plumbing, we will diagnose the issue to ensure it is definitely a slab leak. Once the leak is diagnosed as a slab leak, we can bring in leak specialists that identify the exact location of the leak and all manifolds where the pipe comes out of the concrete. 

Repair vs. Reroute
Once the leak is identified and the manifolds are found, we can then work with you to determine the best solution for your house. The customer has the option for us to excavate and repair the leaking line or reroute the line up through the attic. In most cases, rerouting the line from one manifold to the next is the best solution.

Gas Leak Detection & Repair

Gas leaks can be deadly. Please do not attempt to adjust, repair, or replace any gas lines or fixtures. Natural gas is colorless and odorless. In order to help home owners know if there is a leak, the gas company adds a rotten egg smell to the gas. If you smell this anywhere in your house, call us immediately to inspect a potentially dangerous situation. We are licensed to inspect and repair any gas lines after the meter. 

What Our Clients Say

Google Review
Chuck Pope
Chuck Pope
My wife and I have had the pleasure of utilizing Accent Plumbing four times in the last 3 years. Regardless of the situation, wall leak, water heater, multiple toilet replacement, or pipe inspection. Each time the professional that came to our home was, knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and efficient. They provided the service and product required and never pushed us toward something we didn't need or want. From the friendly greeting when I called their office to the happy plumbers, Jim, Steve, Jason, and Bennett (I'm sure I missed one or two) we felt like we were in good hands. And received this service for a surprisingly reasonable fee each time. Thank you Accent, I repay you for your great service every time I recommend you to my friends!
David Ferrel
David Ferrel
Calling a plumber is usually not fun. But Accent’s service is so good and straight forward, that I have comfort the problem will be resolved quickly for fair value. We’ve called Accent twice. On the most recent occasion, we received a text message 30 minutes before the plumber arrived. He was very courteous and professional and got the job done and left. We received an email with a link to make payment by credit card and a follow up call from the office to make sure everything met our needs. Simple. Done. Accent will be our go-to from now on.
Every Moment
Every Moment
Accent plumbing arrived today to clear my drains. JORDAN DYE was Awesome, fantastic and cleared all my drains. Jordan was on time, professional and explained everything along the way. Accent plumbing is my family now whenever I need help Thanks again.
Michelle W
Michelle W
Accent plumbing has been awesome! I’ve had them do work at my home on multiple occasions over the last 3 years & every time they’ve been professional, clean, on time, and in general awesome to work with. Highly recommend!
Fardeen Ajmal
Fardeen Ajmal
Very good experience with Accent Plumbing! A couple days before I left Arizona for Christmas, my downstairs neighbor realized I had a leak from my shower. He needed the leak fixed ASAP, so I called up Accent Plumbing. The staff member on the phone was super nice, and she helped me set up an appointment. She was very receptive to special instructions I had about who to contact to be let in to the apartment and to note my credit card info to pay for the service. Unfortunately I don't have the name of the plumber that performed the service, but my friend who was at my apartment overseeing the process said they did a great job, and it even ended up costing much less than the estimate. Overall very happy with Accent Plumbing; they were a life saver!
Ellen Meltzer
Ellen Meltzer
Angela came to my home to put in a new faucet for a sink. She was polite and extremely professional. She did an excellent job.
Able to schedule me quickly during a Holiday week. Came on time.
Michael Elia
Michael Elia
Been Using Accent for years now and referring my clients to them. Steve and his guys are super responsive, highly competent, totally honest and upfront, very reliable and fairly priced. I recommend them to everyone I can.